Bridging the cultural, social, economic and language differences between two countries can be challenging yet highly rewarding. The historical impact on the respective societies is obviously a significant influence on how they shape over time, however, we ALL have one thing in common from which we can build upon : all of us live in the present! We must understand the respective cultures, their expectations and customs.

We need to give them an experience of the place not just a product that anyone else can replicate wherever in the world. It has to be authentic! But in order to achieve the goal we need to embrace the other culture, to learn from it sharing our roots.

ACV Management’s mission is to be this “ponte”, the bridge spanning the gap anchored to both side on each country. We like to refer to a wonderful song written by Lucio Battisti which invites us to continue to believe and to keep on cruising…!

Andrea Valente – President & CEO